Aqua Dental Clinic Relaxation Therapies

Visiting the dentist may cause feelings of anxiety for different reasons. At the Aqua Dental Clinic we offer choices in relaxation therapies to overcome fears, give comfort and calm the mind. Our goal is to create a serene environment for patients to enjoy their dental treatments.

The amenities we provide are all part of the package and tailored to soothe the senses. The ways in which we help individuals relax includes:

  • Refreshments including warm beverages, fresh juices and nutritious snacks to keep individuals hydrated and nourished
  • Aromatherapy towels to refresh the face and skin
  • Warm or cold eye masks with herbs to stimulate the eyes
  • Tinted glasses to soothe the visual senses
  • Aromatic lip balm to keep lips moist and hydrated
  • Music to listen to with noise-negating headphones – bring your own or choose from our eclectic selection
  • Overhead TV screen to watch programs of your choice
  • Comforting blankets and supportive neck pillows for greater relaxation

Certain treatments such as for smile makeovers, mouth or facial restoration may involve full day appointments. We cater for lunch and serve special nutrition requirements when notified in advance.

We strive to meet the individual needs of patients where possible. If you have any dietary or relaxation requirements, please inform us prior to the appointment and we will do our best to meet your needs.