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Jul 27th, 2017 Five Reasons To Wear Retainers After Brace Treatment Get in touch

When you’ve worn a brace for weeks or months, the last thing you want is for all the hard work to go to waste. You want to enjoy your incredible new smile for as long as possible. This is why we strongly recommend wearing a retainer after orthodontic treatment. Retainers are custom-made devices, which are designed to hold the teeth in their new position and prevent relapse. If you have braces, here are 5 good reasons to wear retainers:

  1. Reduced risk of relapse: relapse sometimes occurs when the teeth start to move out of position. Wearing a retainer will secure the teeth, preventing them from moving.
  2. Reduced risk of repeat treatment: if your teeth start to slip out of place, this can result in additional orthodontic problems, and the only solution would be repeat treatment.
  3. Lower cost of treatment: if you experience relapse and you need further treatment, this will cost you money. Wearing a retainer will prevent relapse and save you spending any more money on your smile.
  4. Lifetime results: when you’ve worn a brace, you want to be able to have confidence that your smile will look amazing for years to come. If you use a retainer after treatment, this improves your chances of achieving this goal significantly.
  5. Fewer dental visits: if you have a retainer, and your dentist is confident that your teeth will remain in place and your treatment has been a success, you’ll need to visit the dentist less frequently than you would if you chose not to have a retainer.

If you have questions about retainers, or you’d like to find out more about how thy work or why they’re used, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us today or pop in and see us.

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