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Jan 9th, 2010 A London W1 dentist hails the importance of dental hygienists Get in touch

A dentist in London W1 has praised the importance, and necessity, of dental hygienists in his surgery. They are the front line troops in our fight to keep our teeth for the longest time possible; even though they actually work against the principles of business within a dental practice. They do this by teaching us how to keep gum disease and teeth damage down to a minimum, which means less work for the dentist and less revenue for the business. So why do dentists provide this service? Well, the answer is quite simple really; it’s all about prevention and customer satisfaction. Dentistry as a profession is as old as the medical profession, but without the regard we normally give to doctors. A hygienist is the first person we usually meet on a visit to the dentist, which lets face it is a fearful experience at the best of times. This goes back to the old days when pain relief was a figure of fiction and wishful thinking, today dentistry is a profession that embraces all that science has to offer, such as gels to numb our gums before we even get the jab. A hygienist is a highly trained professional in the field of dentistry prevention and the care of our gums, just as a dietary nurse is to a Diabetic. Flossing, brushing and general day to day care of our teeth will slow down and often prevent infection, and this is all down to what we learn from our unsung heroes at the surgeries called Dental Hygienists. They prepare reports for the dentists which are based on the skills they learn in training, these reports are vital to a dentist on decisions they make when treating us. A change in oral care is often all it takes.

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