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Feb 11th, 2011 City of London dentists offer expert advice on choosing the right tooth brush Get in touch

If you are brushing your teeth at least twice day as recommended by your dentist then your teeth are probably in quite good shape. But choosing the right tooth brush can be difficult with so many on offer. Just a cursory glance at the relevant shelves in a supermarket or pharmacy reveal that there are many dozens of tooth brushes for sale in all different shapes and sizes.

If your dentist has told you that you sometimes brush a little too hard then you might want to opt for a tooth brush with softer bristles. This is so that you don’t damage your teeth when you are brushing them. Sustained, overly aggressive brushing can wear away the hard layer of enamel that coats your teeth and can cause gums to bleed.

Electric tooth brushes are probably the optimum devices to get the best clean at home for your teeth. The way they vibrate against your teeth ensures greater removal of plaque and they can be charged up in the same manner that a gentleman’s shaver can. Unfortunately, given the technology at work in electric tooth brushes they can be rather expensive.

You should regularly replace your tooth brush, or the head of your electric tooth brush. Over time they become less effective at cleaning your teeth as the bristles grow frayed. What’s more they also become dirty and brushing your teeth with a dirty brush can actually make some of the problems you are trying to stop, such as gingivitis, more likely to occur!

Being a trained professional and expert in all matters related to your teeth, your City of London dentist will be able to give you more expert advice about which tooth brush to choose from the many that are on offer.

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