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Aug 17th, 2008 2. Know the Procedures and Advantages of Dental Implants from your Dentists in London Get in touch

With today’s numerous researches into dental procedures and the like, dental patients around London have plenty of options for their dental maintenance and other procedures to select from. A very good alternative to acquiring dentures for missing teeth are dental implants. This sort of procedure brings about many favourable results compared to dentures in most cases. Having dental implants involve several procedures and can take longer than having ordinary dentures yet results are definitely far better.Procedures Involved in Getting an Implant

The first procedure involved is a surgical one. Since a metallic contraption needs to be screwed onto the jaw bone (this is an endosteal type of dental implant), a small incision has to be made on the gums covering that section of the jawbone. The incision has to be big enough to allow the implant to be screwed to the jawbone. The implant is the one that will anchor the new artificial replacement securely. The incised gum will have to be stitched.

After four to six months of allowing the implant to integrate with the jawbone itself, the artificial replacement can now be attached. These replacements are customised only for you. Each time that a new patient comes for an implant, new impressions will have to be made.

Advantages of Getting a Dental Implant

Since your new artificial teeth replacements are supported by implants attached to your jawbone, they give a more comfortable and natural feel in your mouth. With these, it is less awkward for you to chew and speak and they are far more stable than removable dentures.

In the course of time, atrophy in the jawbone can develop because of the missing teeth. Dental implants are known to prevent such atrophy.

After a permanent tooth has been damaged or pulled out, no other tooth will grow out to replace it, meaning it is lost forever. In the procedure for bridges, some teeth need to be cut, which is quite a waste given the fact that permanent teeth grow only once in your lifetime. Yet with dental implants, the necessity to make cuts on other teeth is eliminated.

Aside from far better aesthetic results, dental implants are also permanent, meaning you will not have to keep on returning to the dentist to have new ones made. With these advantages, more dental patients in London have chosen implants over removable dentures.

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