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Mar 10th, 2015 4 Reasons You Should Get an Oral Cancer Scan Get in touch

2815331_blogOral cancer affects more than 6,000 people per year in the UK and the number of cases is on the rise. At Aqua Dental Spa, we offer screening to increase the chances of early diagnosis and protect our patients from advanced symptoms. Screening involves a simple test, which lasts just a few minutes but could make the difference between life and death. Here are 4 reasons why you should book an oral cancer screening test today:

  1. Spotting the symptoms: in many cases, oral cancer doesn’t cause any symptoms until the diseases has reached an advanced stage and screening enables our dentists to spot potential abnormalities that may otherwise be missed. Symptoms to look out for include mouth sores and ulcers that take a long time to heal, red or white patches in the mouth and abnormal swelling or lumps in the mouth or throat.
  2. Early detection: screening is highly beneficial because it detects changes to the soft tissue that may not yet be visible to the naked eye. In some cases treatment can be effective in stopping the disease from developing, while in others it can ensure early detection, which helps to prevent cancerous cells spreading. Early diagnosis can increase the chance of survival to up to 90 percent.
  3. Treatment: the earlier the diagnosis, the earlier treatment can be provided. Early treatment reduces the risk of cancer spreading and becoming more advanced and therefore increases the chances of survival considerably.
  4. Preventative advice: screening is not just important for identifying changes that have already taken place in the mouth. It is also a good opportunity for dentists to talk to patients about oral cancer and provide them with advice and important information that help them to reduce their risk of developing oral cancer in the future. many of the main risk factors for oral cancer are associated with lifestyle, so patients can be made aware of the benefits of making positive choices such as eating well, giving up smoking and drinking in moderation.

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