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Jul 15th, 2015 5 Reasons to Visit a Dental Hygienist Get in touch

4683491_blogIf you’re eager to enjoy good oral health and a bright, beautiful smile, you can’t go wrong with regular trips to the dental hygienist. Dental hygienists are experts in oral hygiene and they provide a range of treatments, which aim to prevent oral disease and keep the teeth looking radiant and white. If you’re thinking of booking a session with the hygienist, here are five reasons to take the plunge:

  1. Reduced risk of dental disease: the main benefit of seeing a hygienist is improved oral health. Hygienists offer a range of deep-cleaning treatments that target plaque and tartar and provide a thorough clean to remove bacteria and reduce the risk of decay and gum disease.
  2. Improved general health: as studies show a significant link between oral and general health, seeing a hygienist can have major benefits for your overall health as well as your dental health. Gum disease has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease and strokes, so looking after your teeth and gums can contribute to a reduced risk of potentially serious health conditions.
  3. A more attractive smile: hygienists can achieve a much more powerful clean than brushing at home and when you have a cleaning treatment your hygienist will remove traces of plaque and tartar and polish the teeth, giving them a gorgeous glow and removing surface stains to make the smile look whiter and brighter.
  4. Fresh breath: professional cleaning treatments make your mouth feel lovely and fresh and are highly recommended for those who struggle with bad breath. Most cases of persistent bad breath (halitosis) are linked to bacteria in the mouth that produce odious gases. Seeing a hygienist on a regular basis helps to eliminate these bacteria and tackle bad breath for good.
  5. Expert advice: hygienists are not just experts in oral cleaning, they also have a wealth of knowledge about the treatment and prevention of oral diseases and can provide advice about oral hygiene at home, healthy eating, foods to include or avoid in your diet, giving up smoking and dealing with bad breath.


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