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Jul 8th, 2016 5 Tips for Teaching Children the Importance of Oral Health Get in touch

3601023_blogMany parents experience something of a battle when they try to get their children to clean their teeth twice a day, every day. Oral health is important from an early age and we have some great tips for parents to help teach children about the importance of good oral health and encourage them to develop an effective oral hygiene regime:

  1. Set a good example: children learn most things from the people around them and setting a good example is the best way to teach your children how to brush their teeth properly. Brush together as a family and show your child how to brush as you go along. Encourage children to take an interest in holding the brush and controlling it as they pass it around their teeth from an early age.
  1. Use books and online resources: there is so much information about oral health out there and there are some great books and online resources, aimed at children of all ages. Books and online information sheets and stories educate children in a fun and accessible way and they can learn about a wide range of topics, from the anatomy of the mouth to the impact of diet on oral health.
  1. Invest in children’s oral hygiene products: oral health brands have developed a number of products designed especially for children and they help to make teeth cleaning more appealing. From flavoured, coloured toothpaste that looks more exciting than your average mint flavoured tube, to electric toothbrushes featuring cartoon characters, there’s something for boys and girls of all ages. Children’s toothpaste products also contain a suitable amount of fluoride.
  1. Make up fun games: cleaning your teeth probably isn’t the most exciting activity on offer, but if you make it fun, children will be more inclined to do it. Create games centred on cleaning the teeth, play music to brush along to and reward good behaviour.
  1. Arrange to see your dentist: your dentist has a wealth of information and knowledge ready to share with inquisitive children, so let them ask plenty of questions when they have a check-up and learn all about their teeth and gums and why it’s so important for them to look after their mouths.

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