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Mar 27th, 2012 999! My Teeth Hurt in the City of London Get in touch

3520145_blogDealing with a dental emergency in the city of London requires a sense of understanding about the nature of the condition, calculated calmly and without panic.

The first thing to do is to find out as much as you can about such issues, so that when they arise, you can deal with them quickly and effectively to prevent the problem developing.

A dental emergency can take on many forms and they will all, at some point, need to be looked at by a dentist, however, you don’t need to be waking them up in the wee hours if it is unnecessary.

Toothaches are always annoying, but you can get through the night with the use of painkillers, good hygiene and herbal products such as clove oil- especially good with wisdom teeth. This also applies to chipped teeth and the loss of a filling or crown.

If, however, you lose a tooth, this will require extra care. You can try to put the tooth back after rinsing, but you need immediate treatment, for the tooth can be saved if you get to the dentist within the hour. A dangerous emergency involves an abscess. When this erupts it can make your face swell and cause tremendous pain inside the mouth, but while it is present, the toxins it emits can poison the blood stream and become life threatening. You can try to draw the pus to the surface yourself by rinsing with warm salty water and flossing around the problem area, but essentially, take no chances- if your dentist is unavailable, go to hospital.

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