Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?

Aug 1st, 2010 A better smile make-over, and on the High Street too. By a City of London dentist Get in touch

A bright smile is such a great way of showing people that you are confident and happy, many of us have stained teeth, and we don`t smile a lot because of it. Getting your teeth artificially whitened is such an expensive way of solving the problem, or it was until a few years ago says a City of London dentist. There is another way to brighten your teeth up, and it doesn’t involve expensive veneers, it uses a bright intense light source to do the job instead. It costs around an average of £300 and is done in one session lasting about an hour. The technicians are all highly trained and many are their own bosses, so a bargain or two can be had with regard to pricing and top ups. They will make you comfortable in a specially designed chair, and then a gums shielded   in your mouth to protect the soft tissue from getting burnt by the light. A gel is coated onto the teeth and the blue intense light is focused on the gel, it makes your teeth whiter by reacting with the enamel and the gel to create more whitening cells to run into your teeth. It is done in 3 x 15 minute bouts, which are applied in the one session. Once you`re finished you`ll be advised as to how to look after your teeth to keep them brighter for longer.

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