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May 24th, 2009 A Central London Dentist Can Test You for Oral Cancer Get in touch

Today, over 80% of people that die from cancer would still be alive if they had gotten adequate screening. Therefore, your Central London dentist can play a key role in helping detect oral cancers. In most cases, checking for oral cancer can be done during routine yearly dental exams. These tests are painless and inexpensive.

When you visit your dentist each year, he/she should look and feel for signs of tumours in the soft tissue and gums inside your mouth. You may also be required to have X-rays done every few years in order to make sure that bone tumours are not developing. If you already have other types of cancer, you may need to have X-rays more often.

Strangely enough, many people that have cancer actually suspect it years before they go for screening. Unfortunately, fear, and misunderstanding about cancer therapies prevents people from getting treatment at a time when it will do the most good. Typically, when a cancer is caught in the earliest stages, it may not even be necessary to have extensive chemotherapy and radiation. In particular, when it come to oral cancer, a simple removal of small tumours may ensure a full lifetime without any further resurgences.

There is no question that early screening for cancer, as well as taking preventive measures can save your life. If you smoke, or drink alcohol, you should make having an oral cancer exam your top priority. This will also be an ideal time to ask your dentist about preventaive measures. In many cases, your dentist may be able to give you some advice about vitamins or supplements that can help reduce your risk of developing cancer. He/She can also give you plenty of advice about dental products to stay away from, as well as how to take care of your mouth and teeth in the best way possible.

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