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Feb 6th, 2010 A Central London dentist gives the low down on teeth straightening Get in touch

There are various ways to fix crooked teeth, the most common and the most economical way, is by the use of braces. That said there are a variety of designer braces available to help not just the teeth, but the patient as well, according to a Central London dentist. The NHS uses braces and has done so for many decades, this like the use of NHS glasses has become somewhat of a stigma to youngsters, who are the main range of patients getting this treatment. Long gone is the geeky looking kid with the braces that look like they are welded to the teeth as some kind of punishment. Fixed Orthodontic Braces are fitted to the front of teeth using braces (hence the name), these are periodically tightened to steer the growth of the teeth into a set format. Basically they help the teeth as they grow, so they grow straight. The length of the treatment depends on the seriousness of the misalignment and can take years in some cases. In cases where the patient is uncomfortable about wearing braces, the dentist can apply Lingual braces that attach to the inside of the teeth formation. This makes it harder to see the brace and makes the patient feel more confident, however they do have their downside in that they are more uncomfortable to start with, and take longer to get used to. Lingual braces are mostly used in cases where the misalignment is quite severe, and tackling the problem from the inside-out, so to speak, makes it more affective and the treatment quicker. Invisalign is another more modern method that suits adults more, it is a simple gum shield that fits over the teeth and does the same job, they are taken off when eating or cleaning the teeth and are replaced with a tighter one fortnightly.

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