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Mar 11th, 2010 A Central London dentist speaks out about Embarrassing Bad Breath Get in touch

Bad breath is something which is now becoming the modern equivalent of a social stigma, says a Central London dentist. The worst thing is that it is so easily avoidable, with a simple to follow and a disciplined attitude towards oral hygiene a cure is easily to hand. If you have bad breath you won`t be able to detect it by cupping your hands and sniffing in your breath, this doesn’t work. The best way to tell is to talk to someone up close and watch their facial expressions, that will usually give the game away. Bad breath is caused by a number of problems, and they are not all related to your oral hygiene regime. Diabetes and Liver problems are also responsible for bad breath in some people, in that case they are a warning sign that your have a health problem or even worse an infected liver or a bad diabetes regime. In both cases get a doctors advice immediately. Usually though bad breath is caused by eating strong spicy foods such as garlic enhanced meals, but mainly it is caused by rotting food residue trapped in the cavities of the mouth and in between teeth. Acid build up is caused by the food being attacked by bacteria, and this is just the same as a rotting animal carcass under your floor boards. Flossing around the teeth is an essential part of oral hygiene, and this needs to be done throughout the day, especially after a meal or a snack. Drinking water throughout the day is good for the body in general, but in the mouth it keeps acid concentration to a minimum which will also keep decaying material at a minimum. Chewing sugar free gum will also go some way to keeping the saliva glands active, saliva also keeps acid build up down. Follow these simple rules and you will see a great improvement in bad breath problems.

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