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Apr 7th, 2010 A City of London dentist explains the connection between Smoking and Gum Disease Get in touch

Smoking is mostly associated with lung cancer and breathing related problems says a dentist from the City of London, but there is also a strong link between smoking and gum disease. Tobacco is a natural plant, but it doesn’t burn naturally and there are many chemicals added to it to make it burn with consistency. This factor, the natural chemical make up of the plant and the other problems it causes in the body, all add to the contribution that smoking and also chewing tobacco make towards gum disease. One thing that is known about smoking is that it poisons the blood flow, our gums need a good flow of blood to get Oxygen and vitamins so that they can do their job properly. The lack of these substances is a major cause of gum disease, and that usually goes hand in hand with the fact that smokers are in general, poor in oral hygiene care. The gums are there for a reason and that reason is to protect the part of the tooth that lies beneath the gums, once this is exposed through the deterioration of the gum tissue it cannot be repaired. Receding gums are a major cause of tooth loss, infections and mouth cancer in smokers and people with a poor regime in oral hygiene. Oral hygiene isn’t about mouth washing, brushing and flossing, although all of these are very important, it is also about the chemical and drugs we put into our bodies through the mouth. Smoking and excessive alcohol intake are not going to improve our oral hygiene, rather, they are going to add to the other problems and often inflame them. Recent research has confirmed that a strong association between smoking and gum disease is prevalent in our society, this is another reason to give up the weed and a wise one to boot.

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