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May 15th, 2013 A Clear-step way to great teeth in Central London Get in touch

There is no doubt how the world of orthodontics has changed over the past 30 years in central London and one of the greatest efforts has been in making braces and aligners more discreet when they are fitted to your teeth: Clear-step is the perfect example of this- it is a complete system designed around discretion. Many of the aligners are manufactured from a clear plastic which means it is barely visible to others when it is in the mouth. It works fast and your treatment will be over and done with before you know it. But these aligners do not work on complex situations, which is why Clear-step has taken its system to another level. It has developed a fixed brace that sits on the inside of the teeth and pulls them into place and again, with the utmost discretion. The only downside to having such luxuries is that the treatment isn’t cheap, but then that shouldn’t affect the reasons for getting on board with this orthodontic treatment- what it offers in its subtlety and the speed with which it works far outweighs the costs involved and it is a real treat for anyone concerned by getting their teeth straightened.


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