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Jan 4th, 2010 A dental hygienist is an essential part of teeth care says a West london dentist Get in touch

Nurses are to hospital patients what dental hygienists are to dental patients, they are our unsung heroes according to a West london dentist. Prevention is their speciality, and the skills needed to perform the vocation correctly need a lot of study time. You’ll never meet an unfriendly one, and their advice is always given so simply that we often kick ourselves for not thinking of it first. A hygienist will teach us how to do the most basic things to benefit our oral care, and often it is amazing to discover that we are doing the right things, but wrongly. As my mother used to always says “in the old we didn’t have them, and we did it all wrong as it was handed down from generation to generation”, today every dental surgery has a hygienist on duty to advise on the best preventative methods. The dentist provides this service because they don’t want to keep treating you for the same problems; it is often just bad habits, or the lack of any hygiene habits, that keeps us coming back for expensive and uncomfortable treatment. Brushing your teeth the correct way and using the right brush for you is something that a hygienist can advise on. How to floss properly and how often is another simple way of slowing down problems. These are just a few of the problems that a dental hygienist is trained to teach us, and they will explain why it is so vital as well, which in itself is a great way to get people to follow advice. Long gone are the days when a dental assistant would simply hand you a leaflet on the way out, their advice is there to make sure we make less visits to the dentist’s chair.

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