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Feb 27th, 2012 A Glimpse into the Past-Tooth Whitening in London W1 Get in touch

2977218_blogDental history is a fascinating tale of intrigue, horror, experimentation, death, and trial and error- what part of history hasn’t been.There are always going to be casualties, until a process is refined to perfection but we can thank those pioneers for ensuring that we today have our teeth as white as they can be.

In the early days, teeth whitening could be a stoning offence amongst certain circles of the dental fraternity and was fraught with danger, yet, strangely, the ingredients used then, such as hydrogen peroxide, are pretty much the same as is used today, though a lot more refined.

America and Hollywood was one of the main protagonists behind teeth whitening and is as important as make-up. White teeth give presence to the face and some people would even paint their teeth to get the look. But the beautiful thing about all of this trial and error is, that everyone in the world wanted their teeth to look as good as a film stars and this filtered into the mind set of dentists. So, with the world waiting, the dentists and manufacturers delivered, and we arrive at where we are today.

Now anyone can walk into any dentists, anywhere in the world and within the hour, have their teeth shining as bright as a full moon. The products we can buy in shops these days in London W1 are phenomenal: toothpastes, DIY bleaching kits to name but a few. Then of course, laser bleaching- for around £100 to pick up an Oscar….whatever next eh?

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