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Mar 10th, 2014 A Healthy Oral Health Routine Awaits Your Kids in Central London Get in touch

3601023_blogA good oral hygiene routine is really important for patients of all ages and it is never too early to get your children used to daily teeth cleaning. The earlier your kids start brushing twice a day, the better!

Children’s oral hygiene

It’s beneficial to start brushing your child’s teeth using a soft-bristled brush from the age they start developing their milk teeth. As they get older, encourage them to hold their own toothbrush and learn to clean their teeth independently. It’s a good idea to supervise them and make up games and activities to make sure they clean their teeth properly and have fun while they do it!

There are specially designed children’s oral hygiene products available and it’s best to use these as they are slightly different to adult products and are designed to be more appealing to children and better for their health. Children’s toothpaste, for example, contains less fluoride than adult toothpaste.

Dental visits for children in London

London dentists recommend 6 monthly check-ups for children from the age of 12 months old. Regular checks help to reduce the risk of tooth decay and enable dentists to identify any dental problems as early as possible.

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