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Jun 4th, 2014 A London Dentist Can Teach Your Kids About Oral Hygiene Get in touch

4196468_blogYou’re never too young to learn about oral hygiene and the sooner kids learn about the importance of brushing, the better. Our friendly dentists have experience in treating children and they always look forward to meeting younger patients and educating them about oral hygiene.

Oral health and children

Good oral health is really important for children and it’s never too soon to start talking to your child about the benefits of looking after their teeth and gums. We advise parents to encourage their children to hold a toothbrush and then learn how to use it as soon as they show an interest and we also recommend supervised brushing when children are still young. We advise all our patients to come for regular check-ups and aim to see children every 6 months from the age of 12 months old.

Our dentists are always happy to take time to chat to parents about oral hygiene for children and to talk to kids about their teeth and gums and answer their questions. We do everything we can to make every trip to the dentist fun and interesting and we aim to ensure all our smaller patients have healthy, bright smiles.

Why are check-ups so important for kids?

Check-ups are important for patients of all ages because they enable dentists to look out for changes in the mouth and detect potential warning signs of issues such as decay and gum disease. For children, check-ups are essential because they enable a dentist to check the development and growth of the teeth and check for signs of cavities and orthodontic issues, which may benefit from early treatment.

Taking kids to the dentist from an early age enables them to get used to the clinic and to build up a relationship with their dentist.

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