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Jun 13th, 2009 A London W1 Dentist Can Provide Tooth Restoration Services Get in touch

In some cases, if you crack or chip a tooth, it may not hurt enough to require immediate treatment by a dentist. That said, if you do not take care of these issues, eventually the health of the tooth in question will be seriously compromised. Regardless of how your teeth became broken, a London W1 dentist can restore broken teeth. In many cases, you may even be able to use these teeth for chewing.

As you may be aware, a tooth will not heal from a fracture in the same way that a bone will. Therefore, tooth restoration procedures usually involve finding some way to cement the broken pieces of tooth back together. If this is not possible, your dentist may opt to file the tooth down, and then place a crown over it. In many cases, this gives you the benefit of a durable chewing surface, as well as retain the roots of the tooth.

Even if your teeth are not broken, you may still need to have tooth restoration procedures. For example, if you have gaps in your teeth, or they are severely eroded, your dentist may need to create additional tooth material. Typically, this is accomplished by bonding resin or some other material to an existing tooth surface. From there, the resin is shaped to match the appearance of a natural tooth.

In some cases, you may think that tooth restoration is a matter of vanity. Unfortunately, even if you have a small fracture in a tooth, it can allow bacteria and other pathogens to attach the inner surface of the tooth. Aside from increasing your risk of developing infections, you will also have to put up with the pain and other discomforts associated with a broken tooth.

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