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Feb 8th, 2010 A London W1 dentist talks about bad breath and how curing it can improve your self esteem Get in touch

Bad breath can be caused by a number of problems, from odorous foods such as garlic or chilli to liver disease, excessive drinking, diabetes and little or no oral hygiene. The good news is that the problem is curable, albeit a change in lifestyle will be necessary in most cases. The effect it can have on the personality is also astounding says a London W1 dentist, in fact there is research that shows a low esteem leads to a lax regime in personal care. Oral hygiene is one of the first areas that are affected and the person rarely realises that they have bad breath; this leads to people avoiding them and just piles more misery on the personal problems. Like the advert years ago use to say “bad breath is something even your best friend wont tell you about”. Liver disease is often a cause and in itself bad breath can often lead to a diagnosis that might have otherwise gone undetected, alcohol is often the main offender here or should I say an unhealthy and excessive intake is the offender. In order to treat bad breath in extreme cases the root cause may be treated first, but all in all good and well advised oral care will always improve the situation. Bacteria build up throughout the day is one of the catalysts that bring on and accelerates the problem, so brushing after each meal, mouth washing, chewing gum to produce saliva and drinking water will all help. If the bacteria isn’t removed it thrives on the sugar and fats in the food we eat, then when it dies of excess it become tartar and hardens onto the base of the tooth.

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