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Mar 1st, 2011 A Smile in 6 months in the City of London Get in touch

If you look at the history of dentistry in the city of London and how far technology has advanced treatments, we are truly blessed to be living in a golden age of dental procedures that give us the enviable luxury of choice. When it comes to the delicate nature of teeth correction, there is fantastic range of choice out there, to get one that suits you, whatever age you are. One such treatment from the leaders of teeth alignment, the US and aimed more at adults, is the 6- months smile. The hint of how good this treatment is, sits in the title. Most adults are very wary of any lengthy procedures to get their teeth corrected, so something that can restore the confidence to their smile in 6 months is going to be something they’d consider. Your dentist will assess your suitability for the programme with photographs and x-rays and then send them ‘across the pond’ where your aligner will be tailor made for you. It’s a very simple and unobtrusive brace when it is finally fitted to your teeth. Tiny, tooth coloured brackets are attached to your teeth with an adjustable wire that is attached to the teeth at the back of the mouth. As your teeth move, your dentist will adjust the tension of the wire. Within 6 months, the treatment is over with and you can get back into the social ball game with a new smile and a renewed confidence, and it comes in at a snip compared to other treatments on the market.

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