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Oct 28th, 2016 A Speedy Way to Straighten Your Smile Get in touch

straight-teethThe major problem with most brace systems is that they are slow in transforming your teeth into a radiant smile. Yes they get the job done, but what if there was a system that could do so in less than a year? Well, Six Month Smiles can do just that in order to give you that award-winning smile in no time.

Six Month Smiles

Aptly named, the Six Month Smiles braces system combines both memory wires and regions of the mouth to shorten the time frame. It has such a fast treatment time because it concentrates on one particular area of your mouth – the teeth that people see when you smile. By doing so, it can focus all its efforts on a certain number of teeth and give you a smile to be proud of within six months. It also uses memory wires, which are much thinner but exert enough force to pull your teeth into line. The brackets are also a lot smaller and fit on the front of your teeth.

The treatment process

Once you have had a consultation with your orthodontist, your treatment can get underway. Not all dental conditions are suitable for the brace because it only deals with minor crookedness and misalignment rather than more severe problems. Photographs are taken of your mouth so that custom brackets can be made to fit your teeth. These will then be fitted and routinely tightened to move your teeth.  The brackets are made of a clear material and the wire’s colour is similar to that of your teeth, so therefore the Six Month Smiles braces system is quite discreet and passersby won’t even notice it. Once fitted, you will need your braces tightened every so often until your teeth have moved into the correct position. If you would like more information about Six Month Smiles braces then why not get in touch with the team at Aqua Dental Clinic in London?

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