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Jun 24th, 2014 A Straighter Smile Is Easier To Clean In Central London Get in touch

386703_blogMany people choose to have orthodontic treatment to improve the look of their smile, but correcting the alignment of the teeth can also have major benefits for your oral health. One of the most significant changes to the smile, the alignment of the teeth, makes a real difference to teeth cleaning. It is much easier to clean straight teeth than it is to clean wonky or overlapping teeth and this is great news for your oral health.

How does orthodontic treatment affect teeth cleaning?

You may have noticed if you have crowded or overlapping teeth or you have a crooked or twisted tooth, that it can be difficult to reach certain areas of the teeth. It is often noticeable that some sides of the teeth appear to be stained and if there is no way of reaching one side or surface of the tooth, there is a risk of bacteria and plaque build-up. Plaque is a substance made from bacteria, saliva and food debris; it is the most common cause of decay and gum disease.

Orthodontic treatment is designed to improve the alignment and position of the teeth and once the teeth are straight, it is easy to clean every surface and cover every side of every tooth to reduce the risk of oral diseases.

Other benefits of orthodontic treatment

The most obvious benefit of orthodontic treatment is the improved look of the smile; however, there are other important advantages of wearing braces. Treatment helps to prevent issues caused by a bad bite, such as teeth grinding and it also enables you to eat food properly and enjoy clear speech.

We offer an array of treatment options for patients with mild or complex needs; call us today to see how orthodontic treatment could benefit you!

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