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Jun 23rd, 2014 A W1 Dental Expert Can Stop Your Snoring Woes Get in touch

2143132_blogIf you live with a snorer, you are probably craving a peaceful, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Snoring is something that affects most people from time to time, but if you snore persistently, there may be an underlying reason and we may be able to provide help to you and your partner enjoy more restful nights.

What causes your snoring woes?

The noises you hear when somebody is snoring are caused by the tissue vibrating at the back of the mouth. Many people snore when they are ill or they have been drinking alcohol and your sleeping position can also cause you to snore. Many people find that they snore when they lie on their back, rather than on their side.

Snoring on a regular basis can be a sign that the body is not getting enough oxygen when you sleep. There may be many reasons for this and risk factors for snoring include being overweight or obese, smoking and drinking alcohol.

How can we help?

Often, people who snore are encouraged to try and make simple changes to their lifestyle, which may have a positive impact on their quality of sleep; this may include cutting out alcohol in the evenings, giving up smoking, losing weight and doing more exercise.

If these changes do not help, we can recommend using a device which pushes the jaw forward to increase air flow into the body and ensure that the airways are open. These are known as mandibular advancement appliances and they are very effective.

If you’re suffering as a result of snoring, don’t suffer in silence; we are here to help!

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