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Aug 28th, 2014 A Wait To Remove A Painful Wisdom Tooth Is A Walk On The Wildside Get in touch

595603_blogWisdom tooth removal is a common dental procedure for dentists but when left alone the damage caused by a wisdom tooth to the surrounding teeth and tissue can be traumatic. Wisdom teeth can come through at different stages of your life. And you can expect four to come through at different times. If you suffer from a throbbing pain sensation in the back molars which makes it hard to eat and drink you may need a check-up to determine whether this is caused by wisdom tooth pain.

If you pass up the opportunity to have a dental check-up and the wisdom tooth impacts on the surrounding teeth, your smile can become disjointed and pushed out of place. If the tooth begins to grow below the gum-line, it can become infected and will need to be removed before an abscess can occur. If you have a dental abscess a dentist will have to drain the infection and painkillers will be issued.

Dental Sedation

Overly nervous or anxious patients may want to request oral sedation to calm the nerves during wisdom tooth extraction. You will need a friend or relative to bring you along as it can take a long time for the effects of sedation to wear off. You’ll need a helping hand to safely take you home.

Aqua Dental has a number of relaxation methods to help calm the nerves before treatment commences. Calming DVD’s and aromatherapy can really help to take your mind off these. With our dental experts you’ll be in good hands. So don’t put things off, give the guys and gals a call at the Aqua Dental Spa.

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