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Jan 7th, 2010 A West London dentist explains dental implants Get in touch

A dental implant is quite simply an artificial tooth that is permanently attached to the jaw-bone, just like a natural tooth would be. The procedure is an alternative to false teeth on a plate that is inserted into the mouth using a glue to attach it to the roof, or the lower jaw area. Obviously a plate of false teeth is easier to make and fit as a whole row of teeth are placed together. With an implant it is a different procedure altogether. First the jaw is drilled and a metal base is fitted into the hole, then the tooth is screwed into the base and positioned to look, and feel, like the real thing. You won’t have any nerve problems either as in a real tooth, if it becomes chipped or knocked out in an accident. This procedure according to the West London dentist is ideal for one or more individual teeth that have been knocked out, putting an implant in also improves the chances of not getting jaw bone decay due to a missing tooth. A damaged tooth such as a discoloured, chipped or misshaped one is a good candidate for being replaced by an implant. The orthodontist can easily make a custom styled tooth that fits in with the other naturally shaped teeth on the jaw line. The effect it has on a person can be amazing sometimes, we often avoid smiling or direct eye contact with people if we are born with a misshaped tooth, this procedure has been known to have had positive personality improvements on patients as well. A nice smile was recently what `Britain’s Got Talent` winner Paul Potts inherited from this procedure. From the moment Paul was exposed to the public, his teeth were a major source of gossip for the press, now Paul has had implants his confidence has soared as well as his bank balance.

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