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Apr 24th, 2010 A West London dentist explains the Benefits of Dental Implant as a Restorative Procedure Get in touch

A West London dentist has recently spoken out on the benefits of dental implants as a restorative procedure. The main benefit he explains is that the patient feels that the implant is a natural tooth, this will come as the implant adheres to the bone in the jaw, which can take a few months. False teeth that are on a plate will always be just that, false teeth, and they will always make the patient feel that they have lost the fight in keeping their teeth. An implant is not just a molar that we use for eating, it very often replaces not just a damaged tooth but a tooth that is also discoloured, misshapen or misaligned. The psychological benefits a dental implant has will often boost the confidence of the patient as well. Being fixed permanently to the jaw, as a natural tooth is, means also that the patient can just put out of their mind the fact that the procedure has taken place at all. With a plated false tooth there is always the constant consciousness that you are wearing a plate, plus there is the maintenance involved on a daily basis. The implant itself will last the patients whole life and is made of a material that needs little or no looking after, even if it gets chipped it can easily be replaced quickly or in some circumstances it can be repaired in part. If it is chipped there is no pain as an implant has no nerves, although a temporary repair would be advisable to prevent any sharp edges damaging the tongue, cheek or lips. The cost is a one off as well, where with false plated teeth there is a constant need for special cleaning materials and glue to keep it in place, it may be more expensive at first, but in the end it will often work out more economical.

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