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Sep 17th, 2009 Achieve the perfect smile with a smile makeover at London W1 dentist Get in touch

Smiling is one of the most important means of human communication. The smile can be fundamental to how people perceive you. It can be building block for a relationship or even a new job. Smiling reveals more about us to others than any other expression or words we might use.

It is the strong human association with the smile that makes having one you are happy and confident with so important. A smile makeover can enhance the quality of your smile by using a variety of different cosmetic dental procedures. Composite bonding, veneers, whitening can all improve the overall quality of your smile. After all, if you can makeover a house or a car why not do the same for your smile. It does come with you everywhere.

Smile makeovers can be individually tailored to coordinate with other aspects of your face, including skin tone and hair colour. The shape and size of your features as well as existing teeth and lips will also need to be factored in to the process. A London W1 dentist will be able to talk through with you all these factors and develop a plan based on your personal preferences. It will also be possible to alter the colour, balance and alignment of your existing dental structures to fit with the agreed smile makeover blueprint. Some treatments will also be able to favourably alter your profile by adjusting the position of cheeks and lips.

Discolouration can be countered by staining or bleaching the teeth to look whiter and any existing damage to teeth such as cracks or cavities will be repaired as part of the wider makeover process. The dentist will be able to use new 3D technology and intra-oral cameras to project how the smile makeover will look when complete, to give you a sound idea of how the alterations can enhance your appearance. Bite analysis and gum-contouring are also commonly used in smile makeover procedures. Essentially, there are very few obstacles to achieving the smile you have always dreamed of.

Although smile makeovers can be fairly expensive, a London W1 dentist will be able to show you how just a few simple procedures can greatly improve the appearance of your smile. Call 020 7935 5332 to make an appointment with Dr Neera Maini .

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