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Mar 12th, 2013 Acting on a Tooth Abscess in West London Get in touch


Emergencies happen all of the time: the thing is you can never tell when. Your physical health should be important to you and you should at least try to be prepared for any eventuality, especially when something goes wrong in your mouth; okay, it may only be your mouth and you can get flippant about it, but you will get a serious wake up call in west London if an abscess pays your mouth a visit- dangerous? You better believe it- a tooth abscess can threaten your life if you don’t heed the warnings. All of this means that you have been very lapse, lazy and carefree with your oral hygiene and you have allowed that beautiful enemy of tooth decay to get inside your mouth and wreak havoc. You’ll first know when your mouth swells up like a bally balloon and you are writhing with pain, and if you can’t get to your dentist, then get in a car a go to a hospital. An abscess is also repetitive: once you have been filled with antibiotics to pacify the infection and then treated with a root canal, chances are that that the abscess may return and all of this means that to stop this from going on and on, the tooth will have to be extracted. So, look after your teeth and care for your oral hygiene if you want to avoid dangers like this.


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