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Jul 18th, 2009 Advice by West London Dentist’s on Periodontitis Get in touch

Periodontitis is a problem about which not many are aware of the causes. It can pose great danger for your oral health. It makes way for many serious gum and teeth problem. It might begin with an inflammation in the gums or toothache. You might not notice its severity, until something big happens. Many people who are in the worse case of this disease even lose their teeth. West London dentists are treating this problem by using their technology. Their studies show that the major cause of this problem is bacteria. The deposition of plaque or mucus in the mouth can worsen the situation.

The gums turn red in the initial phase and then inflame and start bleeding. Gingivitis is the prior stage to this problem. This is caused due to the tissues located in and around the mouth. The bones and tissues weaken up. The sub par hygiene is the most important factor that should be taken care of. Maintain the dental health properly by visiting the dentists regularly. Your stress can also have an effect on your teeth. It can lead to bruxism which can damage your teeth. Your knowledge and refraining from sugary products can help you safeguard your teeth.

Smoking and drinking should be kept away and the consumption of caffeine containing products should be avoided. It is easy to maintain your hygiene. Eat healthy diet and avoid candies and chocolates. Keep your teeth clean by brushing and flossing. Your smile is precious so be precautious about your teeth health.

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