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Sep 23rd, 2014 Alternative Dental Options To Banish Oral Bacteria Get in touch

3062480_blogWhen it comes to oral diseases, prevention is always better than cure and aside from seeing a dental hygienist, there are some very easy steps you can take to battle oral bacteria. Here are some helpful tips to keep your gums healthy and your teeth strong and clean:

Oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene is the simplest and most effective means of keeping harmful bacteria at arm’s length. Brushing and flossing are easy ways of removing bacteria from the mouth and all it takes is around 5 minutes per day. We recommend brushing twice a day for at least 2 minutes each time and flossing regularly to keep the teeth clean and prevent the formation of plaque. Plaque is the sticky white substance you can sometimes see or feel on the teeth when you wake up; it clings to the surfaces of the teeth and contains bacteria, which release harmful acids that damage the enamel and irritate the gums. If you keep on top of brushing and flossing, there isn’t chance for plaque to form and your chances of developing gum disease or decay are significantly lower.


Your diet can affect your oral health and there are certain foods, which have a major bearing on the risk of oral disease. When bacteria feed on sugar, they release acids, which attack and erode the outer enamel layer of the teeth and this increases the risk of cavities. Eating between meals can also be dangerous, as it means that the enamel is constantly softened and it doesn’t have to remineralise. There are also ways you can try to reduce the impact of bacteria through your diet; studies have shown that drinking green tea, for example, can help to lower the risk of gum disease due to the presence of powerful antioxidants.

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