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Jan 17th, 2012 Alternative ways to fight awful Breath in West London Get in touch


If you a one of the unlucky ones to suffer from halitosis in west London, one of the causes of it may be linked to gum disease as well. Bad breath is a complex issue to sort out; it can be caused by bad diet, bad lifestyle and bad oral hygiene and all of these issues have to be looked into, as if something smells bad in the mouth, it could mean that something is drastically wrong somewhere within you. But one of the major causes of this is having a parched mouth which can leave your mouth very vulnerable to gum disease and this alone can leak toxins into the mouth and leave pungency in the air: the saliva is life’s natural defender against bacteria and without it, said bacteria is free to run amok. Throwing the obvious products at the problem can help with keeping your mouth clean, but they won’t address the problem of dry mouth overall, though they will help ease the gum disease. Once you have got the balance fired up again with your diet and curbed your bad habits a little, it will kick start you immune system and slowly the saliva will return. In the meantime, it is important to regenerate the fluid in your mouth by drinking lots of water, chewing lots of sugarless gum and sucking on lots of sugarless sweets as well- anything that will hydrate the mouth. Nipping the gum disease in the bud can also be aided with such alternatives as aloe vera, Echinacea, tea tree oil and clove oil: if worked into the gums by dropping your floss into the oils before hand can help sooth the gums and regenerate blood flow. Massaging the gums is also a good way to put life back into your gums.

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