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Aug 24th, 2012 Another Bridge in the City of London Get in touch

Anyone that has suffered tooth loss would be only to aware of just how deflating and soul destroying it can be- not only are you left with an unsightly smile, but it can also lead to further loss and in a ‘go get ’em’ place like the city of London, this can seriously throw water on your dreams and aspirations to get ahead in life. However, once you have got over the initial shock, you should pick yourself and find out how you can shore up the gap/gaps and you can’t get a more durable and tried and tested method than the dental bridge- this can replace the tooth wherever it has been lost in the mouth. If it’s right at the back of the mouth, your new tooth can be bonded onto the adjacent tooth with some wire, that is then covered up with resin, a process that can be used anywhere in the mouth in fact. But the more favoured method is if a tooth or teeth have been lost among a line of others- the new replacement is moulded between two crowns that are then cemented onto the two, pre-prepared remaining teeth- if this bridge is used to cover multiple tooth loss, a mini-implant can be fitted into the jaw in order to anchor the bridge to make it strong. Once it is in and you have mastered the way of cleaning it, the average dental bridge should give you over 15 years of care-free service.


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