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Aug 5th, 2014 Aqua Dental Can Help To Relieve Your Dental Worries Get in touch

595603_blogIt can be easy to fall down and into the trap door of dental phobia without the knowledge or courage to face up to your dental problems.

At Aqua Dental our gentle dentists understand how your deep fears can overcome you and we work to provide a calm environment to release you from the grip of dental phobia. Many patients with dental fear leave and ignore the pain and the problems which arise over time and it grows out of control. Embarrassment is behind many patients refusing to go for a check-up.

We have extensive experience with patients of all backgrounds and dental conditions. Our dentists are not here to judge, we are only here to help. We are Dental Phobia Certified, but most of all we are friendly, we are compassionate and we understand.

Fear busting facilities

We have a range of complimentary spa amenities to help you relax during your time at Aqua dental. During treatment our TLC treatments include listening to relaxing music, watching a DVD and you can experience aromatherapy.

We also have sedative options which include; happy gas, intravenous and oral sedation. This can put your thoughts at ease during treatment and allows you to feel comfortable throughout by inducing a dreamy state. Your dentist will still be able to communicate with you during this period.

It can take a few hours for the effects of sedation to begin to wear off and it is advisable for patients to arrange for a guardian, friend or relative to take you home as driving is inadvisable for the 24 hour period after sedation.

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