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Feb 10th, 2011 Are you grinding your teeth in your sleep? Get help from London W1 dentists Get in touch

The habit of grinding your teeth in your sleep is just as common as snoring but is too often left not dealt with. However, teeth grinding ought to be taken seriously because of the effects it can have on your mouth. Your dentist can help with teeth grinding during sleep and offer advice and treatment.

The scientific name for teeth grinding during sleep is bruxism. And it has two main common causes. Stress can manifest itself in many ways in patients and one of these ways is bruxism. If you are anxious about your personal or work life you may find that you grind your teeth during sleep. It might be recommended that you see a mental health professional if this is the case.

Teeth grinding during sleep can also be caused by problems with your bite. If your teeth are not quite aligned as they ought to be then you might grind them during sleep. Your dentist might recommend that you have a brace fitted to correct this issue.

Whatever the root cause it is important that teeth grinding is not allowed to affect the health of your mouth. Sustained grinding can actually cause teeth to wear down and even crack. The end result of this might be that you have to have some teeth removed because they are so broken down.

Your London W1 dentist can construct a special mouth guard that you must wear in your sleep if you are found to be grinding your teeth. These devices take the impact off your grinding and ensure that your teeth are not damaged by your nocturnal habit. If you are experiencing unaccountable dental pain and think that you might be grinding in the night, talk to your dentist today.

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