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Aug 20th, 2014 Are You Prepared In Case Of Central London Dental Disaster? Get in touch

2603730_blogWe believe it’s important to understand and be prepared in case of any dental emergency which could arise. We provide flexible appointments and also same day appointments as you may need to lean on us for any manner of dental disaster.

If you feel oral pain at any moment you should ring and get seen to by an aqua dentist as soon as you can!

In the mouth of oral madness

Facial wounds and dental woes can occur from any manner of mundane activity. It can leave you with severe dental pain, jaw fracture or broken/chipped/dislodged teeth. A facial wound or cut should be dealt with by an Accident and Emergency Unit, whereas dental trouble should be dealt with by an experienced emergency dental professional.

How to save a tooth

Dislodged teeth, which occur during contact sport, can potentially be saved through quick thinking. Only if you can pick the tooth up without touching the root and place it in a glass of milk and see an emergency dentist quickly to see if the tooth can be re-planted.

It’s difficult to prevent dental disasters without the benefit of hindsight but it’s important to be very aware of the dental dangers out there and know who you should ring. The answer, of course, is Aqua dental!

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