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Jun 11th, 2012 Ask Your London W1 Dentist about Interdental Teeth Cleaning Get in touch

With a conventional toothbrush it is very difficult to clean in between the teeth but this does not mean it is any less important. Interdental teeth cleaning, cleaning between the teeth, is essential for good dental hygiene. Your local dentist in London W1 can show you the best methods of interdental cleaning. There are two main methods of interdental cleaning that your dentist may recommend: floss and brushing with special designed brushes.

Flossing is the most common form of interdental teeth cleaning. Floss can be easily found at most supermarkets and is quick and easy to use. There are many different varieties of floss to suit various different needs. Using a piece about 18 inches long, each end of the floss should be wrapped around a finger on either hand. Pulling the floss tight, guide the floss in between your teeth, gently guiding it along each tooth edge so the floss is in a C shape. Very carefully move the floss above the gum line as to make sure there is no food or plaque stuck under the gums.

Using interdental brushes allows for a very thorough clean between the teeth. The brushes are available in a variety of colour-coded sizes, ranging from 0.4mm (pink) to 1.5mm (black), to be used depending on the gap between the teeth. While these are very effective at removing plaque from between the teeth, they are unable to clean above the gum line.

Interdental teeth cleaning should be an important part of your dental hygiene routine and is essential for removing all plaque and food particles from the hard to reach places in your mouth.

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