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Mar 11th, 2016 Available Treatments for Missing Teeth Get in touch

2904346_blogA lost tooth, either through trauma or poor oral hygiene, is something no one wants, but if the worst should happen just what sort of care and treatment is available and where from?

Cosmetic dentistry has the answer and the most popular treatments a cosmetic dentist will use are dental implants and bridges.

Dental implants

Arguably the better of the two choices, dental implants are anchored into the gum rather than using nearby teeth, making them the only real choice if the patient has a number of missing teeth all next to each other.

The actual implant is the anchor and takes the role of the tooth root. The implant is put into a socket by the dentist, who will drill a hole while you are under anaesthetic and then fix the implant into the jawbone. This artificial root is then used to anchor the crown in place. The implant is made of titanium, an ideal choice as the material is easily accepted by the bone and as such is less likely to be rejected by the body.

Dental implants can’t be used on everybody however, and before any treatment is planned the dentist will have to assess the health of the patient. If there are any oral health issues, such as gum disease, these problems must be taken care of first and an x-ray will also be needed to assess whether the patient has bone structure of the correct quality and quantity.

Dental bridges

The second choice is dental bridges. Dental bridges are held in place by anchoring the false tooth between two neighbouring teeth.

The process is done over two appointments. On the first the patient is given a local anaesthetic and a small amount of tooth enamel is chipped away to make room for the artificial crown that will be used to hold the bridge in place. A temporary bridge is also fitted after the dentist takes a mould of the teeth to be sent to the lab to make the permanent bridge.

At the second appointment, the permanent bridge is fitted and any slight changes to the fit and bite are made before cementing it into place.

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