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Jun 16th, 2014 Avoid Abscesses With A W1 Root Canal Get in touch

2839654_blogAbscesses are notoriously painful and root canal treatment is an excellent means of reducing your risk of oral infections and dental abscesses. We often recommend root canal therapy when a tooth is infected and the infection has reached the pulp chamber, which contains the living tissue of the tooth. Root canal treatment can often be the only means of saving a tooth.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a procedure, which is used to prevent an infection from spreading further and to provide a preferable alternative to extraction. This procedure aims to remove bacteria from the root canals and stem the spread of infection and it also helps to reduce the risk of dental abscesses. Once an infection reaches the pulp tissue, the blood supply to the tooth is affected and this essentially means that the tooth starts to die; root canal treatment is an effective way of saving a tooth.

When you have root canal treatment, the tooth will be numbed completely before your dentist starts the procedure. They will then drill into the tooth to reach the root canals, remove all the decayed tissue and then clean the root canals thoroughly. The root canals will then be sealed with special dental material. Usually, a new crown is placed on the tooth after root canal treatment. Root canal treatment has a reputation for being very painful, but actually, it is completely pain-free because the tooth is anaesthetised beforehand.

About dental abscesses

Dental abscesses are sores, which are filled with pus, which develop in the tooth or between the tooth and the gums. Abscesses are caused by bacteria and they are usually very sore, causing throbbing pain. It is important that dental abscesses are treated urgently by a dentist. Treatment involves removing and draining the abscess.

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