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Dec 21st, 2012 Avoiding damage to your TMJ in West London Get in touch

There are many treatments that are done to your mouth over your years: braces, crowns, bridges and dental implants to name a few. But all of these treatments are designed to ensure that your occlusion (bite) remains true which in turn, takes away excess pressure from the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). These are the two tiny joint that connect the lower and upper jaws together. Now though they are surrounded by muscles, they do take a lot of pressure throughout the average day, so what they do not need is the threat of extra stress that can come from things such as injuries in sport or from teeth grinding- a condition that easily arises in a busy and hectic place such as west London. If this joint starts to wear, it can lead, to problems throughout your head and down through the neck into the upper back: once damaged, it will take some pretty severe surgery to put right. You should always be on the look out for such issues arising: clicking jaws, aching jaws and always take proper precautions when playing sports. You should consult with your dentist on how you can care for these joints in the future and what to watch for.

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