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Oct 29th, 2014 Banged A Fang? See Our Emergency London Dentist Get in touch

4443553_blogYour teeth are pretty hard-wearing, but even the healthiest teeth can fall foul of trips, falls and bangs. If you’ve knocked, chipped or broken a tooth and you’re in pain, we are here to help! We offer same-day appointments to free you from pain and repair those painful pearly whites.

Emergency dental care at Aqua Dental Spa

We aim to see patients who need emergency dental treatment as quickly as possible and we offer flexible opening times and same-day appointments to help our patients when they are in need. If you have a dental emergency, simply call the clinic and our reception team will do their best to fit you in as quickly as possible.

When you come and see us with a dental emergency, we will try our best to ease your pain as a priority; we will then set about establishing the cause of your pain and finding a suitable solution.

If you’ve banged a tooth, there is a chance that it may be broken or the pulp tissue may be damaged; this is the tooth’s living tissue. If the pulp has been damaged or become infected, it’s important to seek treatment as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of a spread of infection. Possible treatment options include cosmetic bonding for minor chips, crown treatment for more extensive damage and root canal therapy for infected teeth.

Preventing dental emergencies

Sometimes, accidents are preventable and we recommend following these very simple steps:

  • always wear a seatbelt
  • wear a mouth guard when playing sport
  • avoid using your teeth to open bottles and take care when eating hard foods
  • see your dentist for regular check-ups

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