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May 10th, 2012 Battling Against Dental Disease in West London Get in touch

Dental disease- a killer to your teeth and gums and if you are not careful, to you as well. It is always an on-going battle to fight in West London to look after your teeth and gums because problems can get out of hand so quickly and between you and your dentist, you both need to be on your toes to fight any problems as soon as they show their hand. All problems start with plaque, the one thing you must try to stop forming in your mouth at all costs, because if will not only create acids on the surface of the teeth but harden into tartar where the teeth meet the gums. This can be thwarted with good cleaning from you and your dentist at this point, but if you miss it and allow the process to develop further, tooth decay will set in and disease will infect your gums; again you may get lucky here and only need a filling, but if you are suffering from bleeding gums post-brushing, they will need treatment. More development and you are putting the longevity of your teeth at serious risk. Root canals will be called for as well as some serious work below the gum-line. In the end of this journey, your teeth will simply drop out and you many suffer from damage to the bones in your jaw. But from gum disease comes a poisoning of your bloodstream causing infection in your heart and liver which can cause them to stop operating over a prolonged period. The products and your dentist are there to stop this from happening- use them!

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