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Sep 23rd, 2011 Battling Bruxism in London’s W1 Get in touch

Stress and poor diet is something that the people of London W1 can probably identify with when they are on the go all the time, which exposes them to the problem of teeth grinding or Bruxism- not that they’d probably know that they are doing it at first, for it is very prevalent when sleeping at night. The stress and anger that often follows a busy day in the city needs to be addressed because you are putting your mouth and upper body at risk. Teeth grinding affects not only the teeth by wearing the enamel away, but it can seriously damage the TMJ- the point at where the lower jaw meets the upper jaw. If this gets damaged, it can lead to tinnitus and sinus problems as well headaches and damage to the neck and upper back. The way of addressing the problem is three-fold once you realize that you have a problem, jaw ache and clicking are the main signs: firstly a gum-shield will be required to prevent any further to the teeth, then a stress management course so that you can learn how to relax more during the day and handle things better. Finally, it’s important to learn how to de-stress once you get home and the stress management course should help you to achieve this, but ignore this and you could be in peril, because if allowed to continue, it may take several operation to correct you jaw, let alone your neck.

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