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Jan 2nd, 2012 Be gone Bad Breath from London’s W1 Get in touch


To overcome bad breath in London W1, you must first understand what causes it in the first place. Usually poor oral hygiene is in the mix somewhere and if you are suffering from some form of tooth decay and/or gum disease, this can lead to toxins weeping into the mouth as well as drying up saliva. The mouth requires saliva to battle bacteria and without it, it is vulnerable to these problems a bad diet or heavy medication can also cause the mouth to dry out as well as those two ‘luxuries’ in life- smoking and drinking. One thing is for sure though- having bad breath means something somewhere is going badly wrong inside of you and needs to be looked at immediately. If you tackle your diet and habits first to rebuild your immune system, then the saliva levels should remain rich and while this is recovering you should try to keep the mouth as hydrated as much as you can by drinking plenty of water, sucking and chewing sugar free sweets and gums, whilst avoiding lot of caffeine based drinks. But it is in the oral hygiene based division where you should improve your game in order to have a chance of beating bad breath. From brushes to pastes to flossing, you should get the right tools and learn how to use them, and then back it up by trying out alternative methods such as incorporating herbal remedies into your daily regime.

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