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Jan 20th, 2012 Beating Gum Disease to the finishing post in Central London Get in touch


There is a road map to disaster in the mouth and if you don’t watch out for the signs early on in central London, you can be setting yourself up for major oral fallout. Oral hygiene is key here for a healthy mouth, but let’s just consider for a moment that you are rather lazy when it comes to caring for your mouth and that you don’t look after your teeth. Within 24 hrs, plaque will build up around the teeth and the acids that form on the surface of the teeth and start burning their way through the enamel and into the inside- tooth decay. Whilst this is going on tartar will have formed around the base of the teeth and then the gums will become infected- gum disease. Not long after that, periodontal disease will set in, eat away at the jaw bone and ‘hey presto’, your teeth drop out. Gum disease needs radical action and your dentist and hygienist are the first people you should call on to ascertain the depth of the problem. They can patch you up, deep scale your teeth below the gum-line and then advise you what to be wary of in the future in regards to what you eat, what you do and how you clean your teeth. But beating gum disease takes a lot of work, you must spread your hygiene methods further a-field and into the realms of natural remedies. Salt is wonderful for fighting this disease and rinsing and brushing with warm salty water will help calm the problem down. The to soothe the problem down, the use of such oils as Echinacea tincture and tea  tree oil are superb for soothing the gums and putting life back into them. It is never going to be easy to treat this condition, but you can stop it and in some cases, even reverse it.

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