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Oct 14th, 2011 Beautiful you and Porcelain Veneers in West London Get in touch

Have you ever had the privilege to touch porcelain and feel how beautiful it feels? And, have you ever looked at how stunningly translucent it looks in any light? Now if you have been suffering from a bit of, shall we say, getting old, your teeth may be conveying the same message to you too in west London. We all get a little battle weary as the clock ticks on, but there is always help on hand and, if you think about that porcelain, imagine how lovely that would look in your mouth…fact is, it’s there for the taking in the shape of porcelain veneers. These fragile little things can look terribly inept if you were to sit one on the end of your finger- so thin and dainty but when cemented onto your tooth, they multiply in strength and with care, will see you good for the next 15 years. But it’s not just the fact that they will look immense when you have them fitted, it’s more about what they will hide with they onslaught of time and how they will make you feel 20 years younger- long gone will be those dreary cracks, discoloration and general woe of your teeth . Check with your dentist first, but it’s painless. They cost around a £250 a veneer so do your homework and then, you may end up doing stunt doubles for the best film-stars around!

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