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Apr 20th, 2013 Beauty through Botox in London W1 Get in touch

Botox is a questionable treatment when it comes to dentistry in London W1: it is often ridiculed in the media, but that is rather unfair, seeing as what it does. When you strive to turn back the clock and look young again, botox is just one of the ingredients in the equation and if you have gone all out to make yourself pretty, then why not. Dentists have been crafty over the years, because the needles they use are exactly the same that inject your face to smooth away the wrinkles. Botox treatments are so easy to have done, but you have to keep going back for top-ups from time to time, every 6 months, but to keep the wrinkles away- priceless. The whole procedure won’t take long to do, around 30 minutes, depending on what you require, and the treatment isn’t just about the lips and framing your smile; your dentist can smooth away wrinkles all over your face. The thing is though, once you have started this process, you have to keep it going if you want to keep looking young and you may well become addicted to it and at around £200 a shot, you better have a lot of money to pay for your beautiful new addiction.


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