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Jul 5th, 2013 Becoming Young Again With Cosmetic Dentistry In London Get in touch

iStock_000004090013SmallIt would be very easy to think that cosmetic dentistry is aimed specifically at that person that is getting on in years- statistically, that is true on paper, but this form of dentistry is there for everyone when it is needed in London. Tooth decay can strike at anytime, which may require a crown; the same can be said of tooth loss- again a crown can be used with bridges and implants, or you can opt for some form of denture. You are born with a gummy smile, so you will need to have your gums contoured and possibly have veneers fitted afterwards; and on that subject, veneers are also a great way of covering up the ageing in your teeth. Tooth whitening is popular with people of all ages and gives superb results. However, BOTOX and dermal fillers are a form of cosmetic dentistry that you would associate with people getting on in years: this is designed to smooth away the wrinkles from around the lips and on the rest of the face. There is no doubt that in this wonderful area of dentistry, there is something for everyone and if you have to have a lot of work done, your dentist may even offer a package that will give you a complete smile make-over and get everything done in one go.

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