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Jan 15th, 2014 Being aware of Reversible Pulpitis in West London Get in touch

2143132_blogIf you have noticed a tooth becoming very sensitive of late whenever hot or cold fluids hit the surface of it, or whenever you bite down on your tooth, it could imply that you could be suffering from reversible pulpitis and unless you act fast in west London, the inside of your tooth will become infected. What’s going on here is that the pulp is being threatened by some form of decay and sensing this, it can become inflamed- hence the sensitivity. The normal attack comes from some form of tooth decay like caries, that are eating into the enamel and if not checked, you are putting the tooth at risk. At this stage, you can get away with it by skipping along to the dentist for a risk analysis; an x-ray will reveal the extent of the damage (which incidentally can be caused by injury as well) and then normally you will have a filling or some other form of restoration to put things right. By doing this it will allow the inflammation to the pulp to settle and return to normal. However, if this goes any further than this, the situation may become irreversible; the pulp will become infected and you will need to have root canal treatment to save the tooth.

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